Episode & Mistake Guides

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

108/28/1993Day of the Dumpster
209/07/1993High Five
409/09/1993A Pressing Engagement
509/10/1993Different Drum
609/04/1993Food Fight
709/30/1993Big Sisters
809/14/1993I, Eye Guy
909/15/1993For Whom the Bell Trolls
1009/16/1993Happy Birthday, Zack
1109/17/1993No Clowning Around
1209/20/1993Power Ranger Punks
1309/21/1993Peace, Love and Woe
1409/22/1993Foul Play in the Sky
1509/28/1993Dark Warrior
1610/04/1993Switching Places
1710/05/1993Green With Evil Part I
1810/06/1993Green With Evil Part II
1910/07/1993Green With Evil Part III
2010/08/1993Green With Evil Part IV
2110/09/1993Green With Evil Part V
2210/11/1993The Trouble with Shellshock
2310/19/1993Itsy Bitsy Spider
2410/13/1993The Spit Flower
2510/30/1993Life's a Masquerade
2611/04/1993Gung Ho!
2711/05/1993Wheel of Misfortune
2811/08/1993Island of Illusion Part I
2911/09/1993Island of Illusion Part II
3011/10/1993The Rockstar
3111/11/1993Calamity Kimberly
3211/15/1993A Star is Born
3311/16/1993The Yolk's on You!
3411/17/1993The Green Candle Part I
3511/18/1993The Green Candle Part II
3611/22/1993Birds of a Feather
3711/23/1993Clean-Up Club
3811/27/1993A Bad Reflection on You
3911/28/1993Doomsday Part I
4011/29/1993Doomsday Part II
4102/08/1994A Pig Surprise
4202/09/1994Something Fishy
4302/07/1994Rita's Seed of Evil
4402/10/1994Lions & Blizzards
4502/15/1994To Flea or Not to Flee
4602/16/1994Reign of the Jellyfish
4702/14/1994Crystal of Nightmares
4802/17/1994Plague of the Mantis
4902/28/1994Return of an Old Friend Part I
5003/01/1994Return of an Old Friend Part II
5104/28/1994Grumble Bee
5204/29/1994Two Heads Are Better than One
5305/02/1994Fowl Play
5405/03/1994Trick or Treat
5505/04/1994Second Chance
5605/05/1994On Fins and Needles
5705/06/1994Enter... the Lizzinator
5805/09/1994Football Season
5905/16/1994Mighty Morphin' Mutants
6005/23/1994An Oyster Stew
6107/21/1994The Mutiny Part I
6207/28/1994The Mutiny Part II
6308/05/1994The Mutiny Part III
6409/13/1994The Wanna-Be Ranger
6509/14/1994Putty on the Brain
6609/17/1994Bloom of Doom
6709/19/1994The Green Dream
6809/20/1994The Power Stealer
6909/21/1994The Beetle Invasion
7009/24/1994Welcome to Venus Island
7109/26/1994The Song of Guitardo
7209/27/1994Green No More Part I
7309/28/1994Green No More Part II
7410/03/1994Missing Green
7510/04/1994Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
7610/10/1994Beauty and the Beast
7710/17/1994White Light Part I
7810/18/1994White Light Part II
7910/24/1994Two for One
8010/25/1994Opposites Attract
8110/28/1994Zedd's Monster Mash
8211/02/1994The Ninja Encounter Part I
8311/03/1994The Ninja Encounter Part II
8411/04/1994The Ninja Encounter Part III
8511/05/1994A Monster of Global Proportions
8611/07/1994Zedd Waves
8711/08/1994The Power Transfer Part I
8811/09/1994The Power Transfer Part II
8911/12/1994Goldar's Vice-Versa
9011/14/1994Mirror of Regret
9111/15/1994When is a Ranger not a Ranger?
9211/16/1994Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
9311/17/1994Lights, Camera, Action
9411/21/1994Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
9511/22/1994Scavenger Hunt
9611/23/1994The Great Bookala Escape
9711/28/1994Forever Friends
9811/29/1994A Reel Fish Story
9902/04/1995Rangers Back in Time Part I
10002/05/1995Rangers Back in Time Part II
10102/13/1995The Wedding Part I
10202/14/1995The Wedding Part II
10302/15/1995The Wedding Part III
10402/20/1995Return of the Green Ranger Part I
10502/21/1995Return of the Green Ranger Part II
10602/22/1995Return of the Green Ranger Part III
10704/29/1995Best Man for the Job
10805/01/1995Storybook Rangers Part I
10905/02/1995Storybook Rangers Part II
11005/08/1995Wild West Rangers Part I
11105/09/1995Wild West Rangers Part II
11205/20/1995Blue Ranger Gone Bad
11309/02/1995A Friend in Need Part I
11409/09/1995A Friend in Need Part II
11509/09/1995A Friend in Need Part III
----- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
11609/11/1995Ninja Quest Part I
11709/12/1995Ninja Quest Part II
11809/13/1995Ninja Quest Part III
11909/14/1995Ninja Quest Part IV
12009/18/1995A Brush with Destiny
12109/19/1995Passing the Lantern
12209/20/1995Wizard for a Day
12309/23/1995Fourth Down and Long
12410/02/1995Final Face-Off
12509/25/1995Stop the Hate Master Part I
12609/26/1995Stop the Hate Master Part II
12710/09/1995The Potion Notion
12810/16/1995A Ranger Catastrophe Part I
12910/17/1995A Ranger Catastrophe Part II
13010/31/1995Changing of the Zords Part I
13111/01/1995Changing of the Zords Part II
13211/02/1995Changing of the Zords Part III
13311/04/1995Follow that Cab!
13411/23/1995I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
13511/06/1995A Different Shade of Pink Part I
13611/07/1995A Different Shade of Pink Part II
13711/08/1995A Different Shade of Pink Part III
13811/11/1995Rita's Pita
13911/13/1995Another Brick in the Wall
14011/18/1995A Chimp in Charge
14111/20/1995Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Part I
14211/21/1995Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Part II
14311/22/1995Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Part III
14411/25/1995The Sound of Dischordia
14511/27/1995Rangers in Reverse
14602/05/1996Alien Rangers of Aquitar Part I
14702/06/1996Alien Rangers of Aquitar Part II

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

14802/07/1996Climb Every Fountain
14902/08/1996The Alien Trap
15002/10/1996Attack of the 60' Bulk
15102/12/1996Water You Thinking?
15202/13/1996Along Came a Spider
15302/14/1996Sowing the Seas of Evil
15402/15/1996Hogday Afternoon Part I
15502/17/1996Hogday Afternoon Part II

Power Rangers Zeo

15604/20/1996A Zeo Beginning Part I
15704/23/1996A Zeo Beginning Part II
15804/24/1996The Shooting Star
15904/25/1996Target Rangers
16004/27/1996For Cryin' Out Loud
16104/29/1996Rangers in the Outfield
16204/30/1996Every Dog Has His Day
16305/01/1996The Puppet Blaster
16405/02/1996Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
16505/04/1996Graduation Blues
16605/06/1996A Few Bad Seeds
16705/07/1996Instrument of Destruction
16805/08/1996Mean Screen
16905/11/1996Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
17005/13/1996There's No Business like Snow Business Part I
17105/14/1996There's No Business like Snow Business Part II
17205/15/1996There's No Business like Snow Business Part III
17305/16/1996Inner Spirit
17505/20/1996Found and Lost
17609/09/1996Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
17709/10/1996Trust in Me
17809/11/1996It Came from Angel Grove
17909/12/1996Bulk Fiction
18009/13/1996Song Sung Yellow
18109/16/1996Game of Honor
18209/17/1996The Power of Gold
18309/19/1996A Small Problem
18409/20/1996Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
18509/23/1996Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers
18609/27/1996Do I Know You?
18710/03/1996Revelations of Gold
18810/04/1996A Golden Homecoming
18910/09/1996Mondo's Last Stand
19010/11/1996Bomber in the Summer
19110/23/1996Scent of a Weasel
19210/25/1996The Lore of Auric
19310/31/1996The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
19411/05/1996The Joke's on Blue
19511/06/1996Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?
19611/07/1996King for a Day Part I
19711/08/1996King for a Day Part II
19811/11/1996A Brief Mystery of Time
19911/14/1996A Mystery to Me
20011/15/1996Another Song and Dance
20111/20/1996Rangers of Two Worlds Part I
20211/21/1996Rangers of Two Worlds Part II
20311/22/1996Hawaii Zeo
20411/23/1996Good as Gold
20511/27/1996A Season to Remember

Power Rangers Turbo

----- Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
20604/19/1997Shift into Turbo Part I
20704/26/1997Shift into Turbo Part II
20804/30/1997Shift into Turbo Part III
20905/01/1997Shadow Rangers
21005/02/1997Transmission Impossible
21105/05/1997Rally Ranger
21205/06/1997Built for Speed
21305/07/1997Bicycle Built for the Blues
21405/08/1997The Whole Lie
21505/10/1997Glyph Hanger
21605/12/1997Weight and See
21705/13/1997Alarmed and Dangerous
21805/17/1997The Millennium Message
21905/19/1997A Drive to Win
22005/20/1997Cars Attacks
22105/21/1997Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers Part I
22209/09/1997Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers Part II
22309/10/1997Passing the Torch Part I
22409/11/1997Passing the Torch Part II
22509/12/1997Stitch Witchery
22609/15/1997The Wheel of Fate
22709/16/1997Trouble by the Slice
22809/17/1997The Phantom Phenomenon
22909/18/1997Vanishing Act
23009/19/1997When Time Freezes Over
23109/22/1997The Darkest Day
23209/23/1997One Last Hope
23309/25/1997The Fall of the Phantom
23409/26/1997Clash of the Megazords
23510/03/1997The Robot Ranger
23610/17/1997Beware the Third Wish
23710/20/1997The Gardener of Evil
23810/30/1997Fire in Your Tank
23910/31/1997The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
24011/03/1997Spirit of the Woods
24111/07/1997The Song of Confusion
24211/10/1997The Accident
24311/11/1997Cassie's Best Friend
24411/12/1997The Curve Ball
24511/13/1997Carlos and the Count
24611/14/1997Little Strong Man
24711/17/1997The Rival Rangers
24811/18/1997Parts and Parcel
24911/21/1997Chase into Space Part I
25011/24/1997Chase into Space Part II

Power Rangers in Space

25102/06/1998From Out of Nowhere Part I
25202/13/1998From Out of Nowhere Part II
25302/20/1998Save our Ship
25402/27/1998Shell Shocked
25503/06/1998Never Stop Searching
25603/13/1998Satellite Search
25703/20/1998A Ranger Among Thieves
25803/27/1998When Push Comes to Shove
25904/03/1998The Craterite Invasion
26004/04/1998The Wasp with a Heart
26104/11/1998The Delta Discovery
26204/18/1998The Great Evilyzer
26304/25/1998Grandma Matchmaker
26405/02/1998The Barillian Sting
26505/09/1998T.J.'s Identity Crisis
26605/16/1998Flashes of Darkonda
26709/12/1998The Rangers' Mega Voyage
26809/19/1998True Blue to the Rescue
26909/26/1998Invasion of the Body Switcher
27010/03/1998Survival of the Silver
27110/10/1998Red with Envy
27210/14/1998The Silver Secret
27310/15/1998A Date with Danger
27410/16/1998Zhane's Destiny
27510/17/1998Always a Chance
27610/21/1998The Secret of the Locket
27710/23/1998Astronema Thinks Twice
27810/24/1998The Rangers' Leap of Faith
27910/28/1998Dark Specter's Revenge Part 1
28010/29/1998Dark Specter's Revenge Part 2
28110/30/1998Rangers Gone Psycho
28210/31/1998Carlos on Call
28311/04/1998A Rift in the Rangers
28411/05/1998Five of a Kind
28511/06/1998Silence is Golden
28611/07/1998The Enemy Within
28711/11/1998Andros and the Stowaway
28811/12/1998Mission to Secret City
28911/13/1998Ghosts in the Machine
29011/14/1998The Impenetrable Web
29111/18/1998A Line in the Sand
29211/20/1998Countdown to Destruction Part 1
29311/21/1998Countdown to Destruction Part 2

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

29402/06/1999Quasar Quest Part 1
29502/13/1999Quasar Quest Part 2
29602/20/1999Race to the Rescue
29702/27/1999Rookie in Red
29903/13/1999The Lights of Orion
30003/20/1999Double Duty
30103/27/1999The Blue Crush
30204/03/1999The Magna Defender
30304/10/1999The Sunflower Search
30404/17/1999Silent Sleep
30505/01/1999Orion Rising
30605/08/1999Orion Returns
30705/15/1999Shark Attack
30805/22/1999Redemption Day
30909/25/1999Destined for Greatness
31010/02/1999Stolen Beauty
31110/09/1999The Rescue Mission
31210/16/1999The Lost Galactabeasts Part 1
31310/22/1999The Lost Galactabeasts Part 2
31410/23/1999Heir to the Throne
31510/25/1999An Evil Game
31610/26/1999Memories of Mirinoi
31710/27/1999Green Courage
31810/28/1999Blue to the Test
31910/29/1999Mean Wheels Mantis
32011/01/1999Loyax' Last Battle
32111/02/1999A Red Romance
32211/03/1999The Chameliac Warrior
32311/04/1999To the Tenth Power
32411/05/1999The Power of Pink
32511/08/1999Protect the Quasar Saber
32611/09/1999Facing the Past
32711/10/1999Turn Up the Volume
32811/11/1999Enter the Lost Galaxy
32911/12/1999Beware the Mutiny
33011/15/1999Grunchor on the Loose
33111/16/1999Until Sunset
33211/17/1999Dream Battle
33311/18/1999Hexuba's Graveyard
33411/19/1999Raise the Titanisaur
33512/03/1999Escape the Lost Galaxy
33612/16/1999Journey's End Part 1
33712/17/1999Journey's End Part 2
33812/18/1999Journey's End Part 3

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

33902/12/2000Operation Lightspeed
34002/19/2000Lightspeed Teamwork
34102/26/2000Trial by Fire
34203/04/2000Riding the Edge
34303/11/2000A Matter of Trust
34403/18/2000Wheels of Destruction
34503/25/2000Cyborg Rangers
34604/01/2000Up to the Challenge
34704/08/2000Go Volcanic
34804/15/2000Rising from Ashes
34904/22/2000From Deep in the Shadows
35004/29/2000Truth Discovered
35105/06/2000Ryan's Destiny
35205/13/2000Curse of the Cobra
35305/20/2000Strength of the Sun
35405/27/2000The Cobra Strikes
35508/19/2000Olympius Ascends
35608/26/2000A Face from the Past
35709/02/2000The Queen's Return
35809/09/2000The Omega Project
35909/16/2000The Fifth Crystal
36009/23/2000The Chosen Path
36109/30/2000Yesterday Again
36210/07/2000As Time Runs Out
36310/21/2000In the Freeze Zone
36410/28/2000The Mighty Mega Battles
36511/03/2000The Great Egg Caper
36611/04/2000Ocean Blue
36711/06/2000Trakeena's Revenge Part 1
36811/07/2000Trakeena's Revenge Part 2
36911/08/2000The Last Ranger
37011/09/2000Sorcerer of the Sands
37111/10/2000Olympius Unbound
37211/11/2000Neptune's Daughter
37311/13/2000Web War
37411/14/2000In the Limelight
37511/15/2000Wrath of the Queen
37611/16/2000Rise of the Super Demons
37711/17/2000The Fate of Lightspeed Pt. 1
37811/18/2000The Fate of Lightspeed Pt. 2

Power Rangers Time Force

37902/03/2001Force from the Future Pt. 1
38002/10/2001Force from the Future Pt. 2
38102/17/2001Something to Fight For
38202/24/2001Ransik Lives
38303/03/2001A Blue Streak
38403/10/2001A Parting of Ways
38603/24/2001Jen's Revenge
38705/19/2001The Legend of the Clock Tower
38803/31/2001The Time Shadow
38904/07/2001Future Unknown
39004/14/2001Uniquely Trip
39104/21/2001Worlds Apart
39204/28/2001The Quantum Quest
39305/05/2001Clash for Control, Part 1
39405/12/2001Clash for Control, Part 2
39505/19/2001Bodyguard in Blue
39606/02/2001Trust and Triumph
39706/09/2001Trip Takes a Stand
39806/16/2001Quantum Secrets
39907/07/2001The Last Race
40006/23/2001Lovestruck Rangers
40107/14/2001Full Exposure
40207/21/2001Movie Madness Pt. 1
40307/28/2001Movie Madness Pt. 2
40408/04/2001Time Force Traitor
40508/11/2001Frax's Fury
40608/18/2001Dawn of Destiny
40708/25/2001Fight Against Fate
40809/08/2001Destiny Defeated
40909/15/2001Undercover Rangers
41009/22/2001Beware the Knight
41109/29/2001Time for Lightspeed
41210/06/2001Reflections of Evil
41310/13/2001Nadira's Dream Date
41410/20/2001Circuit Unsure
41510/27/2001A Calm Before the Storm
41611/03/2001The End of Time, Pt. 1
41711/10/2001The End of Time, Pt. 2
41811/17/2001The End of Time, Pt. 3

Power Rangers Wild Force

42002/09/2002Darkness Awakening
42102/16/2002Click, Click, Zoom
42202/23/2002Never Give Up!
42303/02/2002Ancient Awakening
42403/09/2002Wishes on the Water
42503/16/2002The Bear Necessities
42603/23/2002Soul Searching
42703/30/2002Soul Bird Salvation
42804/06/2002Curse of the Wolf
42904/13/2002Battle of the Zords
43004/20/2002Predazord, Awaken
43104/27/2002Revenge of Zen-Aku
43205/04/2002Identity Crisis
43305/11/2002The Ancient Warrior
43405/18/2002The Lone Wolf
43506/01/2002Power Play
43606/08/2002Secrets and Lies
43706/15/2002The Tornado Spin
43806/29/2002Three's a Crowd
43907/06/2002A Father's Footsteps
44007/13/2002Sing Song
44107/20/2002The Wings of Animaria
44207/27/2002Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1
44308/03/2002Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2
44408/10/2002The Master's Last Stand
44509/14/2002Unfinished Business
44709/21/2002The Flute
44809/21/2002Team Carnival
44909/28/2002Taming of the Zords
45009/28/2002Monitoring Earth
45110/05/2002The Soul of Humanity
45210/05/2002Forever Red
45310/19/2002The Master's Herald, Pt. 1
45410/19/2002The Master's Herald, Pt. 2
45511/02/2002Fishing for a Friend
45611/02/2002Sealing the Nexus
45711/16/2002The End of the Power Rangers, Pt. 1
45811/16/2002The End of the Power Rangers, Pt. 2

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

45902/15/2003Prelude to a Storm
46002/15/2003There's No "I" in Team
46102/22/2003Beauty and the Beach
46203/01/2003Looming Thunder
46303/08/2003Thunder Strangers Part I
46403/15/2003Thunder Strangers Part II
46503/22/2003Thunder Strangers Part III
46603/29/2003Nowhere to Grow
46709/20/2003Snip it, Snip it Good
46804/12/2003Return of Thunder Part I
46904/19/2003Return of Thunder Part II
47004/26/2003Return of Thunder Part III
47105/03/2003Return of Thunder Part IV
47205/10/2003Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
47305/17/2003Pork Chopped
47405/24/2003The Samurai's Journey Part I
47505/31/2003The Samurai's Journey Part II
47606/07/2003The Samurai's Journey Part III
47706/14/2003Scent of a Ranger
47806/21/2003I Love Lothor
47906/28/2003Good Will Hunter
48007/05/2003All About Beevil
48107/26/2003Sensei Switcheroo
48208/02/2003Tongue and Cheek
48308/02/2003Brothers in Arms
48408/09/2003Shane's Karma Part I
48508/09/2003Shane's Karma Part II
48608/16/2003Shimazu Returns Part I
48708/23/2003Shimazu Returns Part II
48809/20/2003The Wild Wipeout
48909/27/2003Double-Edged Blake
49009/27/2003Eye of the Storm
49110/04/2003General Deception Part I
49210/04/2003General Deception Part II
49310/18/2003A Gem of a Day
49410/18/2003Down and Dirty
49511/15/2003Storm Before the Calm Part I
49611/15/2003Storm Before the Calm Part II

Power Rangers DinoThunder

49702/14/2004Day of the Dino Part I
49802/14/2004Day of the Dino Part II
49902/21/2004Wave Goodbye
50002/28/2004Legacy of Power
50103/06/2004Back in Black
50203/13/2004Diva in Distress
50303/20/2004Game On
50403/27/2004Golden Boy
50504/03/2004Beneath the Surface
50604/10/2004Ocean Alert
50704/17/2004White Thunder Part 1
50804/24/2004White Thunder Part 2
50905/01/2004White Thunder Part 3
51005/08/2004Truth and Consequences
51105/15/2004Leader of the Whack
51205/22/2004Burning at Both Ends
51305/22/2004The Missing Bone
51406/12/2004Bully for Ethan
51506/13/2004Lost & Found in Translation
51606/19/2004It's a Mad Mad Mackerel
51707/10/2004Copy That
51807/17/2004Triassic Triumph
51907/24/2004A Star is Torn
52007/31/2004A Ranger Exclusive
52108/07/2004Tutenhawken's Curse
52208/21/2004Disappearing Act
52308/28/2004Fighting Spirit
52409/05/2004The Passion of Connor
52509/18/2004Isn't it Lava-ly
52609/25/2004Strange Relations
52710/02/2004Thunder Storm Part 1
52810/09/2004Thunder Storm Part 2
52910/16/2004In Your Dreams
53010/23/2004Drawn into Danger
53110/30/2004House of Cards
53211/06/2004A Test of Trust
53311/13/2004Thunder Struck Part 1
53411/20/2004Thunder Struck Part II

Power Rangers S.P.D.

53502/05/2005Beginnings Part 1
53602/05/2005Beginnings Part 2
54103/12/2005Sam Part 1
54203/19/2005Sam Part 2
54504/16/2005Shadow Part 1
54604/23/2005Shadow Part 2
54805/07/2005Wired Part 1
54905/14/2005Wired Part 2
55507/10/2005Messenger Part 1
55607/16/2005Messenger Part 2
55808/12/2005Reflection Part 1
55908/12/2005Reflection Part 2
56008/15/2005S.W.A.T. Part 1
56108/22/2005S.W.A.T. Part 2
57111/07/2005Endings Part 1
57211/14/2005Endings Part 2

Power Rangers Mystic Force

57302/20/2006Broken Spell
57402/20/2006Broken Spell II
57502/27/2006Code Busters
57603/06/2006Rock Solid
57703/13/2006Whispering Voices
57803/20/2006Legendary Catastros
57903/27/2006Fire Heart
58004/03/2006Stranger Within
58104/17/2006Stranger Within II
58204/24/2006Petrified Xander
58305/08/2006The Gatekeeper
58405/15/2006The Gatekeeper II
58506/05/2006Scaredy Cat
58606/12/2006Long Ago
58706/12/2006Inner Strength
58806/19/2006Soul Specter
58906/26/2006Ranger Down
59007/10/2006Dark Wish
59107/10/2006Dark Wish II
59207/10/2006Dark Wish III
59307/22/2006Koragg's Trial
59407/29/2006Heir Apparent
59508/11/2006Heir Apparent II
59608/14/2006The Light
59708/20/2006The Hunter
59809/18/2006Hard Heads
59909/25/2006The Snow Prince
60010/09/2006Light Source
60110/09/2006Light Source II
60210/30/2006The Return
60311/13/2006Mystic Fate
60411/13/2006Mystic Fate II

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

60502/26/2007Kick into Overdrive
60602/26/2007Kick into Overdrive II
60703/05/2007The Underwater World
60803/12/2007Heart of Blue
60903/19/2007Weather or Not
61003/26/2007Pirate in Pink
61104/02/2007At All Cost
61204/09/2007Both Sides Now
61304/30/2007Follow the Ranger
61405/07/2007Lights, Camera, Dax
61505/14/2007Face to Face
61605/21/2007Face to Face II
61706/04/2007Man of Mercury
61806/04/2007Man of Mercury II
61906/11/2007Behind the Scenes
62006/18/2007Just Like Me
62107/02/2007It's Hammer Time
62207/09/2007Out of Luck
62307/16/2007One Gets Away
62407/23/2007Once a Ranger
62507/23/2007Once a Ranger II
62608/06/2007One Fine Day
62708/20/2007Ronny on Empty
62808/27/2007Ronny on Empty II
62909/10/2007Things Not Said
63010/01/2007Red Ranger Unplugged
63110/08/2007Home and Away
63210/15/2007Home and Away II
63310/22/2007Way Back When
63410/29/2007Two Fallen Foes
63511/05/2007Nothing to Lose
63611/12/2007Crown and Punishment

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

63702/18/2008Welcome to the Jungle
63802/18/2008Welcome to the Jungle II
63902/25/2008Sigh of the Tiger
64003/03/2008A Taste of Poison
64103/10/2008Can't Win Them All
64203/17/2008Dance the Night Away
64303/24/2008Pizza Slice of Life
64403/31/2008Way of the Master
64504/21/2008Good Karma, Bad Karma
64604/27/2008Blind Leading the Blind
64705/05/2008Pushed to the Edge
64805/12/2008One Master Too Many
64905/19/2008Ghost of a Chance
65005/19/2008Ghost of a Chance II
65106/02/2008Bad to the Bone
65206/16/2008Friends Don't Fade Away
65306/23/2008No "I" in Leader
65406/30/2008True Friends, True Spirits
65507/07/2008Path of the Rhino
65607/14/2008Dash for the Dagger
65707/21/2008Race to the Nexus
65807/28/2008Arise the Crystal Eyes
65908/04/2008Fear and the Phantoms
66008/11/2008Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
66108/18/2008One Last Second Chance
66209/29/2008Don't Blow that Dough
66310/06/2008Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
66410/13/2008The Spirit of Kindness
66510/20/2008Maryl and the Monkeys
66610/27/2008To Earn Your Stripes
66711/03/2008Path of the Righteous
66811/03/2008Now the Final Fury

Power Rangers RPM

66903/07/2009The Road to Corinth
67003/07/2009Fade to Black
67203/21/2009Go for the Green
67404/04/2009Ranger Green
67504/11/2009Ranger Red
67604/18/2009Ranger Yellow Part 1
67704/25/2009Ranger Yellow Part 2
67805/02/2009Ranger Blue
67905/09/2009Doctor K
68105/23/2009Brother's Keeper
68407/04/2009In or Out
68608/01/2009Belly of the Beast
68708/08/2009Three's a Crowd
68808/15/2009Heroes Among Us
68908/22/2009Not So Simple
69009/05/2009The Dome Dolls
69109/12/2009And... Action!
69209/19/2009Ancient History
69309/26/2009Key to the Past
69409/26/2009Beyond a Doubt
69610/03/2009Run Ziggy Run
69712/19/2009If Venjix Won
69812/19/2009End Game
69912/26/2009Danger and Destiny Part I
70012/26/2009Danger and Destiny Part II

Power Rangers Samurai

70110/15/2011Origins - Part 1
70210/22/2011Origins - Part 2
70302/07/2011The Team Unites
70402/13/2011Deal With a Nighlok
70502/20/2011Day Off
70602/27/2011Sticks & Stones
70703/06/2011A Fish Out of Water
70803/13/2011There Go The Brides
70903/20/2011I've Got a Spell on Blue
71003/27/2011Forest For The Trees
71104/10/2011Test of the Leader
71204/17/2011Jayden's Challenge
71304/30/2011Unexpected Arrival
71405/07/2011Room For One More
71505/14/2011The Blue and the Gold
71605/21/2011Team Spirit
71705/28/2011The Tengen Gate
71806/04/2011Boxed In
71910/01/2011Broken Dreams
72010/08/2011The Ultimate Duel
72110/29/2011Party Monsters
72211/26/2011Clash of the Red Rangers: The Movie
72312/10/2011Christmas Together, Friends Forever

Power Rangers Super Samurai

72402/18/2012Super Samurai
72502/25/2012Shell Game
72603/03/2012Trading Places
72703/10/2012Something Fishy
72803/17/2012The Rescue
72903/24/2012The Bullzord
73003/31/2012He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
73104/07/2012Kevin's Choice
73204/14/2012Runaway Spike
73304/21/2012The Strange Case of the Munchies
73404/28/2012A Sticky Situation
73505/06/2012Trust Me
73605/13/2012The Master Returns
73710/13/2012A Crack in the World
73811/03/2012Stroke of Fate
73911/10/2012Fight Fire with Fire
74011/17/2012The Great Duel
74111/24/2012Evil Reborn
74212/01/2012The Sealing Symbol
74312/08/2012Samurai Forever
74410/27/2012Trickster Treat
74512/15/2012Stuck on Christmas

Power Rangers Megaforce

74602/02/2013Mega Mission
74702/09/2013He Blasted Me With Science
74802/16/2013Going Viral
74902/23/2013Stranger Ranger
75003/02/2013United We Stand
75103/09/2013Harmony and Dizchord
75203/16/2013Who's Crying Now?
75303/30/2013Robo Knight
75404/06/2013Prince Takes Knight
75509/07/2013Man and Machine
75609/14/2013Ultra Power
75709/28/2013Last Laugh
75810/05/2013Dream Snatcher
75910/12/2013Gosei Ultimate
76010/19/2013Raising Spirits
76110/26/2013The Human Factor
76211/02/2013Rico the Robot
76311/09/2013Staying on Track
76411/16/2013The Human Condition
76512/07/2013The Robo Knight Before Christmas
76611/23/2013The Messenger
76711/30/2013End Game

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

76802/15/2014Super Megaforce
76902/22/2014Earth Fights Back
77003/01/2014Blue Saber Saga
77103/08/2014A Lion's Alliance
77203/15/2014Samurai Surprise
77303/22/2014Spirit of the Tiger
77404/05/2014Silver Lining
77504/12/2014Silver Lining - Part 2