The Silver Secret

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Power Rangers in Space
Season 6

Episode Title Card for 'The Silver Secret'
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Episode # 272
Production # PR-706
Written by
Directed by Worth Keeter
Original air date
Total U.S. airings 12
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Last aired August 20, 2007
(on Toon Disney)
Tokusatsu footage Megaranger #2, 3, 21, 25, 35
Footage analysis at SirStack's Morphylogeny
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  1. During the footage of morphed Zhane running and blasting, a large "7" dramatically spiraled onto a black background between shots, but this was the only such number. (00:44)
  2. Zhane had only been shown morphed for approximately forty-five seconds when his timer was on 11 seconds remaining. (06:04)
  3. As the others took over against the monster, approximately eight seconds after Zhane's timer would've hit zero, Zhane, no longer with his Silverizer, noticed gold-edged patches of demorphed areas fading in and out on his suit, and he ran off so he wouldn't demorph in public. (06:23)
  4. As Preying Mantis fought the five Rangers in the forest, he didn't have the timer on his shoulder. (11:18)
  5. It is unknown why Zhane didn't merely teleport to the top of the rock face, rather than climb, to restore his powers. (11:37)
  6. Only one minute was shown to pass between the display showing "2:30" and "1:00". (14:24)
  7. Very briefly, the display showed "0:00" between "1:00" and "0:59". (14:24)
  8. Only thirteen seconds were shown to pass between the display showing "1:00" and "0:20". (14:37)
  9. More than twenty seconds were shown to pass between the display showing "0:20" and "0:08". (15:05)
  10. Despite not having any more on his shoulders, giant Preying Mantis threw a curved blade during the fight. (17:55)


Astronema, Crocotox (III), Ecliptor, Elgar, Preying Mantis, Quantrons