Rookie in Red

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Season 7

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Episode # 297
Production # PR-804
Written by
Directed by Worth Keeter
Original air date
Total U.S. airings 8
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Last aired September 15, 2012
(on Vortexx)
Tokusatsu footage Zyuranger #48
Gingaman #5
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  1. It's unknown where Leo's sandwich suddenly appeared from.
  2. Not only did Leo not lock the doors of the weapons room, he didn't even completely close the outer doors.
  3. In Command Headquarters some time later, an alarm chimed, and Kai found a security breach in the "weapons dome," and he then asked Leo if he'd locked the weapons room; his distinction between a dome and room seemed to indicate that an entire subdome was used to house weapons and that the metal structure was only a small section of it, but he would later say Scorpius had stolen all of the weapons from the GSA "weapons dome."
  4. Horn called the Stingwingers "Stingers."
  5. Now strapped inside the coat were several swords, guns, and knives rather than the Transdaggers.
  6. Furio told the Rangers they were nothing without their Quasar Sabers, but Leo revealed that those had been fakes used to trick the villains into showing them the location of the Transdaggers; how they had learned of the Transdaggers is unknown, although they may have obtained information and fake sabers from Alpha during their search for Leo.


Furio, Horn, Scorpius, Stingwingers, Trakeena