Game On

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Power Rangers DinoThunder
Season 12

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Episode # 503
Production # PR-1407
Teleplay by
Directed by Andrew Merrifield
Original air date
Total U.S. airings 78
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Last aired February 26, 2013
(on Nicktoons)
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  1. Haylee's Cyberspace Cafe seemed to be closed during the day.
  2. Despite being closed, Cassidy and Devin seemed to gain easy access to Cyberspace.
  3. Tommy seemed completely unaware that Beldorf had removed his mouth, despite the fact that he shouldn't have been able to hear himself talk.
  4. When Tommy morphed, he missed his Brachio Morpher with his key.
  5. Moments after being told to keep watch on Beldorf, Ethan and Kira joined Conner and Tommy in battle.


De-magnetron, Elsa, Mesogog, Triptoids, Tyrannodrones, Zeltrax