Today in Power Rangers History... October 20

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on October 20.

October 20
2013Raising Spirits
Gosei Ultimate
Raising Spirits
2012The Team Unites
Deal With a Nighlok
The Magna Defender
I've Got a Spell on Blue
Forest For The Trees
2011The Tengen Gate
Boxed In
I've Got a Spell on Blue
Forest For The Trees
2008Bad to the Bone
Friends Don't Fade Away
No "I" in Leader
Maryl and the Monkeys
Maryl and the Monkeys
2007Home and Away II
Broken Spell
Thunder Strangers Part I
Things Not Said
Weather or Not
Behind the Scenes
Mystic Fate
Behind the Scenes
2006Stranger Within
Dark Specter's Revenge Part 1
Heir Apparent
In Your Dreams
The Mutiny Part III
Stranger Within II
Wired Part 2
Rangers Gone Psycho
Carlos on Call
Looming Thunder
Wired Part 1
2004A Star is Torn
Back in Black
Diva in Distress
2003Scent of a Ranger
2002Force from the Future Pt. 2
Forever Red
Something to Fight For
Ancient Awakening
2001Circuit Unsure
2000A Face from the Past
1999Grumble Bee
The Rescue Mission
1998Always a Chance
1997The Gardener of Evil
1995A Friend in Need Part III
1994Itsy Bitsy Spider