Today in Power Rangers History... November 4

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on November 4.

November 4
2013Last Laugh
Last Laugh
The Rescue
2012Stroke of Fate
The Legend of the Clock Tower
Trust and Triumph
Super Samurai
2011I've Got a Spell on Blue
Forest For The Trees
Room For One More
The Blue and the Gold
Day Off
Sticks & Stones
Day Off
Sticks & Stones
2007Wired Part 1
Return of Thunder Part I
Heart of Blue
Wired Part 2
Light Source II
Heart of Blue
2006Koragg's Trial
Hard Heads
Stranger Within II
Pork Chopped
2004White Thunder Part 2
Copy That
2003I Love Lothor
2002The Master's Last Stand
The Mutiny Part I
2000Ocean Blue
1999To the Tenth Power
1998A Rift in the Rangers
1997The Wheel of Fate
1996Best Man for the Job
1995Follow that Cab!
1994The Ninja Encounter Part III
1993Gung Ho!