Today in Power Rangers History... December 1

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on December 1.

December 1
2013End Game
2012The Great Duel
Evil Reborn
Orion Returns
Origins - Part 1
Origins - Part 2
The Sealing Symbol
2011The Team Unites
Deal With a Nighlok
The Tengen Gate
Boxed In
Pizza Slice of Life
Good Karma, Bad Karma
2008Prelude to a Storm
There's No "I" in Team
Beauty and the Beach
Looming Thunder
Arise the Crystal Eyes
Fear and the Phantoms
One Master Too Many
2007Heart of Blue
Broken Spell
The Samurai's Journey Part II
Face to Face II
Man of Mercury
Ronny on Empty II
Messenger Part 2
Fire Heart
Ronny on Empty II
2006The Snow Prince
Mighty Morphin' Mutants
Reflection Part 1
Sam Part 2
Eye of the Storm
General Deception Part I
Shimazu Returns Part II
2004Back in Black
White Thunder Part 3
Truth and Consequences
2003Beauty and the Beach
2002Food Fight
Survival of the Silver
Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1
Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2
2001A Parting of Ways
2000Go Volcanic
1999Heir to the Throne
1998True Blue to the Rescue
1993Itsy Bitsy Spider