Today in Power Rangers History... December 8

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on December 8.

December 8
2013The Robo Knight Before Christmas
The Robo Knight Before Christmas
2012Evil Reborn
The Sealing Symbol
Shark Attack
Party Monsters
Super Samurai
Samurai Forever
2011The Tengen Gate
Boxed In
I've Got a Spell on Blue
Forest For The Trees
Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
The Spirit of Kindness
2008Good Will Hunter
All About Beevil
Sensei Switcheroo
Tongue and Cheek
Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle II
Ghost of a Chance
Ghost of a Chance
2007Follow the Ranger
Legendary Catastros
Scent of a Ranger
Man of Mercury II
Behind the Scenes
Red Ranger Unplugged
Reflection Part 1
Petrified Xander
Red Ranger Unplugged
2006Mystic Fate
Green No More Part I
Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1
Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2
Forever Red
Thunder Storm Part 1
Thunder Storm Part 2
Legacy of Power
Back in Black
2005Endings Part 2
Reflection Part 1
Reflection Part 2
Reflection Part 1
Reflection Part 2
2004Ocean Alert
Copy That
Triassic Triumph
2003Snip it, Snip it Good
2002A Line in the Sand
Sing Song
In the Freeze Zone
The Master's Last Stand
2001Jen's Revenge
2000Strength of the Sun
1999Blue to the Test
1998Astronema Thinks Twice
1997The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
1993Food Fight