Today in Power Rangers History... July 31

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on July 31.

July 31
2013A Crack in the World
Unexpected Arrival
I've Got a Spell on Blue
2012Storm Before the Calm Part I
Storm Before the Calm Part II
A Fish Out of Water
There Go The Brides
Truth and Consequences
Leader of the Whack
Burning at Both Ends
The Missing Bone
Bully for Ethan
Lost & Found in Translation
2011The Team Unites
Deal With a Nighlok
Day Off
Sticks & Stones
2010Life's a Masquerade (2010)
Gung Ho! (2010)
2008Fighting Spirit
Red Ranger Unplugged
Can't Win Them All
Dance the Night Away
Pizza Slice of Life
2007Once a Ranger
The Hunter
Bodyguard in Blue
Once a Ranger II
Hard Heads
One Last Hope
The Fall of the Phantom
2006Wired Part 2
King for a Day Part II
Good as Gold
Thunder Strangers Part I
Passing the Torch Part II
Wired Part 1
Heir Apparent
Shift into Turbo Part I
Shift into Turbo Part II
The Omega Project
Chase into Space Part II
White Thunder Part 2
2004Vanishing Act
A Ranger Exclusive
A Star is Torn
Shimazu Returns Part II
2003The Samurai's Journey Part III
A Golden Homecoming
2002Wishes on the Water
1999Orion Returns
Wild West Rangers Part II
1998Never Stop Searching
1996Life's a Masquerade
1995Best Man for the Job