Today in Power Rangers History... August 21

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on August 21.

August 21
2013Deal With a Nighlok
Origins - Part 2
Boxed In
2012The Wild Wipeout
Double-Edged Blake
Test of the Leader
Jayden's Challenge
Return of Thunder Part II
Return of Thunder Part III
Return of Thunder Part IV
Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
Pork Chopped
The Samurai's Journey Part I
The Samurai's Journey Part II
The Samurai's Journey Part III
Scent of a Ranger
I Love Lothor
2011The Blue and the Gold
Team Spirit
The Tengen Gate
Boxed In
2010Dark Warrior (2010)
The Rockstar (2010)
2008Wave Goodbye
Both Sides Now
Ghost of a Chance II
Bad to the Bone
Friends Don't Fade Away
2007Ronny on Empty
Dark Wish
Beware the Knight
Face to Face II
Dark Wish II
Sam Part 1
Zhane's Destiny
Always a Chance
General Deception Part II
A Gem of a Day
Shane's Karma Part I
The Fall of the Phantom
The Hunter
Endings Part 1
Down and Dirty
Storm Before the Calm Part I
2005Second Chance
Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
Wave Goodbye
Triassic Triumph
S.W.A.T. Part 1
Second Chance
Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
Wave Goodbye
Triassic Triumph
2004Clash of the Megazords
Disappearing Act
A Star is Torn
A Ranger Exclusive
Tutenhawken's Curse
Snip it, Snip it Good
2003Return of Thunder Part III
From Out of Nowhere Part II
2002A Father's Footsteps
2000Operation Lightspeed
1999Race to the Rescue
1998The Delta Discovery
1996Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
1995Zedd's Monster Mash