Today in Power Rangers History... August 27

This page contains a listing of all Power Rangers episodes that aired on U.S. television over the years on August 27.

August 27
2013Sticks & Stones
Shell Game
The Ultimate Duel
2012Storm Before the Calm Part I
Storm Before the Calm Part II
Trust Me
The Master Returns
Isn't it Lava-ly
Strange Relations
Thunder Storm Part 1
Thunder Storm Part 2
In Your Dreams
Drawn into Danger
House of Cards
A Test of Trust
Thunder Struck Part 1
Thunder Struck Part II
2011The Tengen Gate
2008Game On
Face to Face II
Circuit Unsure
Ronny on Empty II
The Light
Shadow Part 1
Carlos on Call
A Rift in the Rangers
Game On
Golden Boy
Eye of the Storm
Legendary Catastros
The Gatekeeper II
The Soul of Humanity
White Thunder Part 3
The Hunter
Beneath the Surface
Ocean Alert
2005Calamity Kimberly
Follow that Cab!
The Lore of Auric
Diva in Distress
Sam Part 2
Reflection Part 1
Thunder Strangers Part II
Bully for Ethan
2004White Thunder Part 2
2003The Samurai's Journey Part I
The Barillian Sting
2002Darkness Awakening
1999Dark Specter's Revenge Part 2
1998A Different Shade of Pink Part III
1996Mean Screen
1994The Trouble with Shellshock