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Avon Magic Action Trading Cards

Sold by Avon sales reps in 1995 and (oddly) featuring the original core 5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, these lenticular “Magic Action Trading Cards” were available individually for 99¢ each. Each card was enclosed in a unique envelope.

  • Front of “Red Ranger / Jason”Back of “Red Ranger / Jason”
    Red Ranger / Jason
  • Front of “Pink Ranger / Kimberly”Back of “Pink Ranger / Kimberly”
    Pink Ranger / Kimberly
  • Front of “Black Ranger / Zack”Back of “Black Ranger / Zack”
    Black Ranger / Zack
  • Front of “Yellow Ranger / Trini”Back of “Yellow Ranger / Trini”
    Yellow Ranger / Trini
  • Front of “Blue Ranger / Billy”Back of “Blue Ranger / Billy”
    Blue Ranger / Billy