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Cardzillion Cards

Unlike traditional trading cards, Cardzillion cards feature games, exciting information and fun filled facts for kids of all ages. Each trading card series consists of 42 Cards, including 6 ULTRA Cardzillion trading cards. The 6 ULTRA Cardzillion trading cards are considered more valuable and a challenge to collect. *

From late-1994 until mid-1997, Bandai America followed in the footsteps of Bandai Japan’s Carddass cards series, utilizing its children’s toy and video game properties. In addition to Power Rangers (7 different Series), Bandai also released series for Masked Rider, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Sailor Moon (3 Series), and Donkey Kong Country.

These trading cards are sold exclusively through coin operated machines currently sold only in Toys ‘R’ Us stores throughout the United States. Each card costs only 25 cents. *

* Excerpts taken from The Cardzillion, the Newsletter for Cardzillion Vending Card Fans (PDF), March 1996.