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#34 - TYPHUS

#34 TYPHUS - Card Front.#34 TYPHUS - Card Back.


Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 280 lbs.
Weapon: SABRE BILLY internal head blasters
Special Talent: brilliant genetic scientist/mutant specialist
Favorite Food in 3D World: popcorn


TYPHUS, who created the mutants in the BEETLEBORSG COMICS, is also a well-armed warrior. His main weapon is the SABRE BILLY, a sword with electro-magnetic laser powers. TYPHUS sometimes uses his flying cape to confuse opponents and can fire rockets from the top of his head.


In the case that both players have the same level of points, the player who has the higher battle gage (it is found at the bottom of the cards) wins the match. Go to #14 or #35.