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Masked Rider #10 - MASKED RIDER™

#10 MASKED RIDER™ - Card Front.#10 MASKED RIDER™ - Card Back.



Height: 8′ 6″
Weight: 194 pounds
Jumping ability: 200′
Under water capability:
30 minutes


The Electro Saber is the Masked Rider’s most lethal weapon. It is created by the Ecto-Accelerator™ and can be used like a normal sword, or it can turn into a flexible whip. No enemy has ever survived Masked Rider’s awesome Electro Saber!

Cardzillion Mini Fact #10: Cardzillion Trading Cards can only be purchased from Cardzillion trading card dispensers. Lots of new card series, such as the Power Rangers™ Series 2, will be coming soon.