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Masked Rider

#12 - MAGNO™

#12 MAGNO™ - Card Front.#12 MAGNO™ - Card Back.



Top Speed: 938 mph
Maximum Power: 2000 horse power


Dex™ created Magno the talking car by using his Masked Rider powers. Magno can travel on land, underwater, and even into other dimesions. He can also travel underground by using the scissor-like Digging Pincers located in his front fender to cut through solid rock. Magno can even come to Masked Rider’s rescue under his own power.

Masked Rider Game Rules #2: Five of the ten symbols on the bottom right front of the cards represent the good side of Masked Rider. They are Masked Rider, Masked Rider Super Gold™, the Combat Chopper™, Magno, and the Ecto-Accelerator.