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Masked Rider #13 - SUPER GOLD™

Ultra Cardzillion
#13 SUPER GOLD™ - Card Front.#13 SUPER GOLD™ - Card Back.



Height: 8′ 6″
Weight: 194 pounds
Jumping Ability: 200′
Under water capability: 30 minutes


King Lexian™ sent Dex’s friend Donais™ to bring him a special gold crystal. This crystal gave Dex™ the ability to transform into the Masked Rider Super Gold™, a warrior even stronger than Masked Rider. With his Super Gold Laser™, Masked Rider Super Gold is an invincible warrior.

Masked Rider Game Rules #3: Five of the ten symbols on the bottom right front of the cards represent the bad guys. They are Count Dregon™, Nefari™, Cyclopter™, Double Face™, and Gork™.