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Masked Rider

Ultra CardZillion

#15 SUPER BLUE™ - Card Front. #15 SUPER BLUE™ - Card Back.



Height: 8′ 6″
Weight: 194 pounds
Jumping ability: 240′
Under water capability: unlimited


Using his modified Ecto-Accelerator™, Masked Rider can transform himself into Masked Rider Super Blue™. In this state, he can liquefy himself to escape through narrow passages, or he can attack an enemy as a liquid mass. His Electro Saber™ also transforms into the lethal Blue Saber™.

Masked Rider game Rules #5: The game can be played with 2-4 players. More than 4 players is possible, but the number of cards you need to collect will be different. is asking all fans for their opinions on 25 years of Power Rangers.
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