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Masked Rider #22 - DEX™, FERBUS™ & SIBLINGS

#22 DEX™, FERBUS™ & SIBLINGS - Card Front.#22 DEX™, FERBUS™ & SIBLINGS - Card Back.



From right: Molly™, Dex, Albee™, Ferbus (in back)


Molly, Albee, and Ferbus were the first friends Dex had on Earth. Dex’s and Ferbus’ good nature made them instantly liked by the two Stewart children. Molly and Albee have been a great help in teaching Dex their earthly ways, and Dex has taught them a thing or two about his own home.

Masked Rider Game Rules #12: When it is your turn, you may discard up to two cards from your hand. Place the cards front down in a pile next to the pick-up pile.