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Masked Rider #25 - COUNT DREGON™

#25 COUNT DREGON™ - Card Front.#25 COUNT DREGON™ - Card Back.



Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 185 lbs.


Count Dregon is trying to overthrow his father, King Lexian™, and take Edenoi™ for his own. To this end, he plans to enslave the people of Earth and force them to serve in his army. Aided by his ruthless commanders, Nefaria™, Cyclopter™, Double Face™, and Gork™, Count Dregon will use any and all means to accomplish his cruel obejctives.

Masked Rider Game Rules #15: When all of the cards in the pick-up pile are gone, shuffle the discard pile and use it as the new pick-up pile.