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Masked Rider #28 - DOUBLE FACE™

#28 DOUBLE FACE™ - Card Front.#28 DOUBLE FACE™ - Card Back.



Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 150 lbs.


Double Face is one of the four commanders of Count Dregon’s™ Army. He is the most conceited of the commanders and is an expert swordsman. Count Dregon gave him the Super Sword in order to defeat Masked Rider, but Masked Rider used his Super Blue™ pwoers to win the day.

Masked Rider Game Rules #2: Five of the ten symbols on the bottom right front of the cards represent the good side of Masked Rider. They are Masked Rider, Masked Rider Super Gold™, the Combat Chopper™, Magno, and the Ecto-Accelerator.