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Masked Rider

#37 - TRIPRON™

#37 TRIPRON™ - Card Front.#37 TRIPRON™ - Card Back.



Two Legged Parts:
Height: 9′ 4″
Weight: 295 lbs

Flying Part:
Height: 7′ 1″
Weight: 184 lbs


Tripron is an evil insectivore comprised of three different parts that can fight separately or can join together to form one formidable monster. Two parts of Tripron are fierce two-legged beasts with large deadly claws. The third part can fly menacingly through the air. Is Masked Rider any match for such an incredible creation?

Masked Rider Game Rules #11: After you deal out the cards, the person to the left of the dealer should play first. Play proceeds in a clockwise direction.