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Masked Rider #6 - MASKED RIDER™

Ultra Cardzillion
#6 MASKED RIDER™ - Card Front.#6 MASKED RIDER™ - Card Back.



Height: 8′ 6″
Weight: 194 pounds
Jumping ability: 200′
Under water capability:
30 minutes


When Dex™ calls on his magic powers by shouting “Ecto-phase Activate!”, he transforms into the Masked Rider. Dex received these powers from his grandfather, King Lexian™. But, Count Dregon™ also wants to gain possession of the Masked Rider Powers. If he succeeds, he will be powerful enough to finally destroy Edenoi™.

Cardzillion Mini Fact #6: This box on each card features tidbits of information about Cardzillion Trading Cards and card game rules.