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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#11 - The Yellow Ranger

#11 The Yellow Ranger - Card Front.#11 The Yellow Ranger - Card Back.

It’s Morphin Time!


Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Jumping Range: 115 feet
Speed: 100 years in 3.2 second


When Trini morphs into the fearless Yellow Ranger, she gains access to her special weapon, the Power Dagger. In her capable hands, this weapon not only can be used offensively, but is also very effective at blocking blows from an attacking enemy. It is a powerful addition to her already magnificent martial arts skills.

Power Medallion Rule #1: Cardzillions with the Mega Power Medallion have the greatest power, because they are based on teamwork. Thunder Power beats evil Power, because, together, the Rangers can trounce Lord Zedd and his monsters.