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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#14 - The Black Ranger

#14 The Black Ranger - Card Front.#14 The Black Ranger - Card Back.

It’s Morphin Time!


Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 174 lbs.
Jumping Range: 125 feet
Speed: 100 years in 4.2 seconds


When Zack morphs into the Black Ranger, he can attack with his self-invented hi-hop-kido style or his more traditional straight on power karate. His special weapon is the Power Axe which can also be used as a laser gun. Drawing on the size and power of his mighty zords, Zack is one serious fighting machine.

Triangle of Power Fact #2: The Power Teens Medallion beats the Mighty Morphin Medallion because the Rangers draw their real power from their mortal personalities. But, the Power Teens Medallion is weaker than the Evil Space Aliens Medallion, because mere humans cannot beat Lord Zedd or his evil monsters.