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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#2 - 5 Mighty Warriors

Ultra Cardzillion
#2 5 Mighty Warriors - Card Front.#2 5 Mighty Warriors - Card Back.

Morph On!


Zack: The Black Ranger
Trini: The Yellow Ranger
Jason: The Red Ranger
Kimberly: The Pink Ranger
Billy: The Blue Ranger


These 5 mighty warriors were chosen to save the Earth when Rita Repulsa began her ruthless attack on the planet. As teenagers, they are all very strong and possess excellent karate skills. But, when they morph into Power Rangers, they become many times more powerful! As Rangers, they can summon and ride their Dinozords or, even more awesome, Thunderzords. The Dinozords can join together to form the humongous Megazord and the Thunderzords can combine into the morphitudinous Thunder Megazord!

Cardzillion Fact #2: Each Cardzillion series has 42 cards including 6 very valuable Ultra Cardzillions! To identify a Cardzillion’s series, look on the back of the card.