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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#3 - The 6 Power Rangers

Ultra Cardzillion
#3 The 6 Power Rangers - Card Front.#3 The 6 Power Rangers - Card Back.

Maximum Morphin Power


Zack: The Black Ranger
Trini: The Yellow Ranger
Jason: The Red Ranger
Kimberly: The Pink Ranger
Billy: The Blue Ranger
Tommy: The Green Ranger


As if five Power Rangers weren’t already enough, Tommy, the Green Ranger, has been added to their team. Originally controlled by Rita Repulsa’s evil magic, Tommy now uses his incredible martial arts abilities to fight against the forces of her Royal Ugliness. By playing a tune on his Dragon Dagger, the Green Ranger can summon the ferocious Dragonzord from its lair at the bottom of the ocean. This incredible one-zord wrecking crew can also morph with the Megazord to create the Megadragonzord, a virtual mountain of morphin mayhem.

Cardzillion Fact #3: This box contains information about Cardzillions, secret data about the Power Rangers, and other fun facts. When you collect all the cards in a series, you will have a wealth of Power Ranger knowledge!