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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#31 - The White Tigerzord

#31 The White Tigerzord - Card Front.#31 The White Tigerzord - Card Back.

Formidable Feline


Warrior Mode
Height: 139 feet
Weight: 73,500 tons
Speed: 120mph

Tiger Mode
Height: 145 feet
Weight: 73,500 tons
Speed: 120 mph


When Zordon created the new White Ranger, he gave him the sleek White Tigerzord to command in battle. Summoned by Saba, the talking Tiger Saber, this beast can morph from warrior mode to tiger mode. It can also morph with the Thunderzord Assault Team, comprised of the Griffin, Unicorn, Lion, and Firebird Thunderzords, to form the Mega Tigerzord.

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