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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#32 - The Thunder Megazord

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#32 The Thunder Megazord - Card Front.#32 The Thunder Megazord - Card Back.

5-In-One Fighting Machine


Height: 375 feet
Weight: 300,000 tons
Power: 100,000 megavolts
Weapons: Power Trident, Thunder Sword, Lightning Emitting Emerald Crystals, and Battle Sled


When the Red Dragon, Griffin, Lion, Firebird, and Unicord Thunderzords morph together, they form the massive Thunder Megazord, a robot of unrivaled power in the universe. This mechanical giant, which is directly operated by the 5 Power Rangers, is exceptionally good at hurtling thunder bolts and using the Thunder Sword. He is so powerful that he can destroy even the strongest of enemies with only one blast! Beware Lord Zedd, there is a new weaopn in the Power Rangers’ arsenal and he’s coming to get you!

Power Rangers Fact #4: Power Rangers toys are very hot items in America. In fact, they are the #1 selling toy line in the U.S.A.