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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#37 - Rita Repulsa

#37 Rita Repulsa - Card Front.#37 Rita Repulsa - Card Back.

Empress of Ugliness


Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: Don’t even ask!
Age: She’ll never tell.
Birthplace: The dark side of Uranus


Rita’s reign as the Queen of Evil and the #1 enemy of the Power Rangers comes to a screaming halt with the return of Lord Zedd. The Dark Emperor seals her Royal Nastiness back in her dumpster and banishes her into space. Can this truly be the last the Power Rangers will ever see of Rita Repulsa?

Power Ranger Fact #9: If you look closely at each Power Ranger’s helmet, you will see the image of their Zord. They aslo have an image of their Zords on the chest of their Ranger costumes.