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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1

#40 - The Pirahntis Head

#40 The Pirahntis Head - Card Front.#40 The Pirahntis Head - Card Back.

Fiendish Fish


Height: 8′ 4″
Weight: 270 lbs.
Origin: Rampoon River Piranha


The wicked Pirahntis Head Monster is the first of Lord Zedd’s “badder” breed of beasts designed to succeed where Rita’s inferior monsters failed. The power of Zedd and his new monster becomes immediately evident when Zedd jams the Rangers’ Zords and the Pirahntis Head Monster turns them against the Rangers by playing a sickening tune on his magical fish horn. For the first time ever, the Rangers seem completely overmatched and the destruction of the Earth appears to be just moments away!

Power Rangers Fact #12: When auditions were held for the Power Rangers, the actors got the attention of the show’s producers with their amazing martial arts skills. The 6 Power Rangers are not only great actors, they are great action stars!