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Power Rangers Series 1

Cardzillion Card Vending Machine with Power Rangers Series 1 display insert.

Power Rangers Series 1, Bandai’s third Cardzillion series and the first to see a wide-release, was released in October 1995. It features scenes from the latter part of season 2 (starting with The Power Transfer) through the beginning of season 3 with the Ninja Quest.

Each card has one of six Power Medallions (Mighty Morphin, Power Teens, Evil Space Aliens, and Bulk and Skull Medallians as well as Ninja Power and Evil Power Mega Medallians). Utilizing the Medallians and the Triangle of Power Rule, the collector can play Cardzillion Medallian Poker.

Believed to have seen the largest release of all series, this set is likely the best known and is often the one referred to when fans speak of Power Rangers Cardzillion cards.

Card Holder

As part of a promotion in late 1995, Bandai America ran a sweepstakes where the first 10,000 entrants would win a Power Rangers Card Holder Album. The Card Holder could hold up to 48 cards and came with instructions (PDF) as well as a copy of The Cardzillion (PDF).