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Power Rangers Series 1

#12 - Adam

#12 Adam - Card Front.#12 Adam - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Black Ranger™
Power Weapon: Power Axe
Ninjazord: Frog


No one had to work harder to develop the skills of a Power Ranger than Adam. As a child, he was the weakest kid in his class. But because he believed in himself and practiced with great determination, he soon mastered the martial arts. These skills gave him the confidence to try many other things. Still, when he transferred to Angel Grove High, he never dreamed he would be picked to become the new Black Ranger. Quite an accomplishment for a scrawny little kid from Stone Canyon!

Power Medallion Rule #1: Cardzillions with the Mega Power Medallion have the greatest power, because they are based on teamwork. Ninja Power beats Evil Power, because, together, the Rangers can trounce Lord Zedd and his monsters.