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Power Rangers Series 1

#13 - Adam, The Black Ranger™

#13 Adam, The Black Ranger™ - Card Front.#13 Adam, The Black Ranger™ - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Black Ranger
Power Weapon: Power Axe
Ninjazord: Frog


Adam may look like a real lady killer, but he is actually very shy with women. On the other hand, he is not the least bit intimidated by Lord Zedd and his ferocious monsters. By calling on the power of his spirit animal, Adam can morphin into the amazing Black Ranger. And when the Black Ranger dances with the forces of evil, more than a few toes are going to get stepped on.

Power Medallion Rule #2: The Mighty Morphin Medallion beats the Evil Space Aliens Medallion, the Evil Space Aliens Medallion beats the Power Teens Medallion, and the Power Teens Medallion beats the Mighty Morphin Medallion. This is the Triangle of Power!