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Power Rangers Series 1 #14 - The Black Ranger™

#14 The Black Ranger™ - Card Front.#14 The Black Ranger™ - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Black Ranger
Power Weapon: Power Axe
Ninjazord: Frog


When Adam morphs into the Black Ranger, he can attack without warning like the swift tongue lash of the frog. His special weapon is the Power Axe. This dual-purpose weapon can slash enemies up close, or it can be fired like a cannon from the handle end. Drawing on the powers of his incredible spirit animal, Adam is one dangerous fighting machine.

Triangle of Power Rule #1: The Mighty Morphin Medallion is strong than the Evil Space Aliens Medallion, because Rangers can bash Lord Zedd or his monsters. But, the Mighty Morphin Medallion is weaker than the Power Teens Medallion, because a Ranger’s true strength comes from his or her human personality.