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Power Rangers Series 1

#15 - Kimberly

#15 Kimberly - Card Front.#15 Kimberly - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Pink Ranger™
Power Weapon: Power Bow
Ninjazord: Crane


Life was pretty normal for Kimberly before Zordon endowed her with the powers of the Pink Ranger. But despite her weighty responsibilities, she still tries to be the same frank and friendly teenage girl she was before. With her beauty and popularity, she could have had any guy in Angel Grove High. But she chose Tommy to be her beau. Still, even the White Ranger can’t keep her from her other true love, gymnastics.

Triangle of Power Rule #2: The Power Teens Medallion beats the Mighty Morphin Medallion because the Rangers draw their real power from their mortal personalities. But, the Power Teens Medallion is weaker then the Evil Space Aliens Medallion, because mere humans cannot beat Lord Zedd or his evil monsters.