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Power Rangers Series 1

#17 - The Pink Ranger™

#17 The Pink Ranger™ - Card Front.#17 The Pink Ranger™ - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Pink Ranger
Power Weapon: Power Bow
Ninjazord: Crane


When Kimberly morphs into the Pink Ranger, she becomes a devastating warrior. Her acrobatic moves, developed from intensive gymnastic training, allow her to summersault through the air when battling enemies. As the Pink Ranger, she has access to the mighty Power Bow with which she can shoot an enemy from more than 100 yards away! The Pink Ranger draws on the agility of her spirit animal, the crane, but her true strength comes from her own peaceful mind.

Triangle of Power Rule #4: Only the Mega Medallion can beat all of the Medallions in the Triangle of Power which includes the Power Teens, Mighty Morphin, and Evil Space Aliens Medallions.