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Power Rangers Series 1

#18 - Billy

#18 Billy - Card Front.#18 Billy - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The Blue Ranger™
Power Weapon: Power Lance
Ninjazord: Wolf


Billy is one of the brightest students at Angel Grove High School. In fact, he’s so bright that it’s sometimes impossible to tell what he’s talking about! Because of his brainy nature, he is considered a geek by many at school, and of all the Power Rangers, he may be the worst fighter. But what he lacks in brawn, he definitely makes up for in brains, often by inventing ingenious devices to defeat Lord Zedd’s monsters. Still, he is always trying to better himself by becoming a strongest warrior, and he is working at being a better athlete!

Power Medallion Fact #8: The Bulk and Skull Medallion can’t beat any other Medallions, but it can cause nothing to happen! If someone plays a Bulk and Skull card leave all the cards on the table. The next winner gets them all!