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Power Rangers Series 1

#2 - Power Transfer

Ultra Cardzillion
#2 Power Transfer - Card Front.#2 Power Transfer - Card Back.


Billy: The Blue Ranger™
Tommy: The White Ranger™
Rocky: The Red Ranger™
Adam: The Black Ranger™
Aisha: The Yellow Ranger™
Kimberly: The Pink Ranger™


When Jason, Trini, and Zack are chosen to attend the World Peace Summit in Switzerland, Zordon informs them that they must transfer their power to three new Rangers. To accomplish this, the Rangers must teleport to the far off Deserted Planet and bring back the Sword of Light. When they return from their dangerous mission, Tommy holds the Sword of Light high over head, and the Yellow, Black, and Red Mighty Morphin Power is transferred to their three new friends; Aisha, Adam, and Rocky.

Cardzillion Fact #2: Each Cardzillion series has 42 cards including 6 very valuable Ultra Cardzillions! This series is called “The Power Rangers”.