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Power Rangers Series 1

#21 - Tommy

#21 Tommy - Card Front.#21 Tommy - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The White Ranger™
Power Weapon: Saba
Ninjazord: Falcon


When Tommy first came to Angel Grove High, he kept to himself. He was soon corrupted by Rita Repulsa’s magic and turned into the evil Green Ranger. However, Zordon and the Power Rangers eventually rescued him from her wicked clutches and his powers soon disappeared. The Rangers were very sad to see him go, so when Zordon later told them that he had created the new and more powerful White Ranger, they were incredibly happy to learn it was Tommy.

Cardzillion Medallion Poker Rule #2: Each player deals on Cardzillion on the table at the same time. The card with the most powerful Medallion wins. If there is a tie, leave the cards on the table and deal again.