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Power Rangers Series 1

#23 - The White Ranger™

Ultra Cardzillion
#23 The White Ranger™ - Card Front.#23 The White Ranger™ - Card Back.


Power Ranger: The White Ranger
Power Weapon: Saba
Ninjazord: Falcon


Tommy is the mighty White Ranger and the new leader of the Power Rangers. His special weapon is Saba, the Talking Tiger Saber. When he first received Saba, he had a little trouble getting used to the new weapon. But with a little practice, they have become a formidable team in the fight against evil. Tommy can use this weapon to defeat Lord Zedd’s warriors or to summon the awesome Falconzord.

Cardzillion Fact #5: These Power Ranger cards are the first Cardzillions offered in the U.S.A. This could make them very valuable collectors’ items some day!