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Power Rangers Series 1

#25 - 3 Power Teens

#25 3 Power Teens - Card Front.#25 3 Power Teens - Card Back.


Rocky: the Red Ranger™
Tommy: the White Ranger™
Kimberly: the Pink Ranger™


When things get too tough for the incredible martial arts skills of the Power Teens, it’s morphing time! Using their transmorphers and Power Coins, the Power Teens can summon the power of their spirit animals and transform into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As Power Rangers, they gain access to special powers and weapons and can summon the fearsome Ninjazords. Evil has no place to hide when the Power Rangers are around.

Cardzillion Fact #9: Cardzillions Trading Cards will soon be available in several series. Right now, only Power Ranger Cardzillions are available.