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Power Rangers Series 1

#26 - The Ape Ninjazord™

#26 The Ape Ninjazord™ - Card Front.#26 The Ape Ninjazord™ - Card Back.


Height 181 feet
Weight 19,000 lbs.
Speed Mach 3


When Ivan Ooze destroyed the Command Center and the Mighty Morphin Power, the Red Ranger’s Red Dragon Thunderzord was destroyed as well. The Rangers were forced to undertake a dangerous mission in search of the Great Power. When they gained this power, the Red Ranger received the smart and powerful Ape Ninjazord. When the Ape morphs with the other Ninjazords, it forms the right arm of the mighty Ninja Megazord™.

Cardzillion Fact #10: The highly reflective Cardzillions are called Ultra Cardzillions. There are only six Ultras in a series, so they are very valuable. Remember to trade them carefully!