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Power Rangers Series 1

#28 - The Frog Ninjazord™

#28 The Frog Ninjazord™ - Card Front.#28 The Frog Ninjazord™ - Card Back.


Height: 166 feet
Weight: 62,000 lbs.
Speed: Mach 1


When Ivan Ooze destroyed the Mighty Morphin Power, the Black Ranger lost his awesome Lion Thunderzord. Thus, the Rangers were forced on a potentially fatal mission to the far away planet Phaedos to try to attain the Great Power. When they accomplished this amazing fear, the Black Ranger gained access to the incredible Frog Ninjazord with its lasso-like, projecting tongue. When the Frog morphs with the other Ninjazords, it forms the legs and waist of the mighty Ninja Megazord™.

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