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Power Rangers Series 1

#29 - The Crane Ninjazord™

#29 The Crane Ninjazord™ - Card Front.#29 The Crane Ninjazord™ - Card Back.


Height: 85 feet
Weight: 6,000 lbs.
Speed: Mach 5


The Pink Ranger was terribly dismayed when Ivan Ooze destroyed the Command Center and with it her sleek Firebird Thunderzord. But with Zordon on the brink of death, there was no time to mourn the loss. By undertaking a dangerous mission to the planet Phaedos, the Rangers gained the Great Power and the Pink Ranger received the agile Crane Ninjazord. When the Crane morphs with the other Ninjazords, it forms the head of the mighty Ninja Megazord™.

Power Rangers Fact #1: The Power Rangers TV show is so hot it almost always ranks in the top 5. But, on one day, an incredible 98% of the televisions in homes with kids were tuned to the show!