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Power Rangers Series 1

#3 - The 6 Power Rangers™

Ultra Cardzillion
#3 The 6 Power Rangers™ - Card Front.#3 The 6 Power Rangers™ - Card Back.


Adam: The Black Ranger™
Aisha: The Yellow Ranger™
Rocky: The Red Ranger™
Kimberly: The Pink Ranger™
Billy: The Blue Ranger™
Tommy: The White Ranger™


The Power Rangers are back in business with the three newest members of the team; Aisha, Adam, and Rocky. These three new teenagers recently transferred from Stone Canyon High School. With Jason, Trini, and Zack departing for the World Peace Summit, they couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when Lord Zedd thought he could finally cause a little destruction on Earth, there’s a brand new fighting force to save the day; the new, improved Power Ranges!

Cardzillion Fact #3: This box contains information about Cardzillions, secret data about the Power Rangers, and other fun facts. When you collect all the cards in a series, you will have a wealth of Power Ranger knowledge!