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Power Rangers Series 1

#30 - The Wolf Ninjazord™

#30 The Wolf Ninjazord™ - Card Front.#30 The Wolf Ninjazord™ - Card Back.


Height: 166 feet
Weight: 18,000 lbs.
Speed: Mach 2


When Ivan Ooze destroyed the Command Center, he thought that would be the end of the Power Rangers. But the Rangers volunteered for a potentially one-way mission and attained the elusive Great Power. With this power, the Blue Ranger’s Unicorn Thunderzord was replaced by the swift and cunning Wolf Ninjazord, a beast with razor-sharp teeth. When the Wolf morphs with the other Ninjazords, it forms the left arm of the mighty Ninja Megazord™.

Power Rangers Fact #3: The incredible popularity of the Power Rangers has turned them into a amazing social phenomenon. When the Power Rangers show opened at Universal Studios, it created a traffic jam 10 miles long!