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Power Rangers Series 1

#34 - Lord Zedd™

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#34 Lord Zedd™ - Card Front.#34 Lord Zedd™ - Card Back.


Height: 7′ 0″
Weight: 450 lbs.
Birth Place: Intergalactic Bio-steel Labs
Age: Unknown


From the safety of his palace on the moon, Lord Zedd uses his powerful scepter to create the most ferocious monsters the Earth has ever known. Tired of Rita’s incompetence, he returned to finish of the Power Rangers and claim the Earth as the newest addition to his Dark Empire. But, as his monsters continue to fail him, Zedd has begun to take the offensive himself, using his incredible zord, Serpentera. Is it only a matter of time before he finally defeats the Power Rangers?

Power Rangers Fact #6: Each Power Rangers has a Power Coin that contains an image of their spirit animal. The White Ranger’s Power Coin depicts the falcon.