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Power Rangers Series 1

#36 - Lord Zedd™ and Rita Repulsa™

#36 Lord Zedd™ and Rita Repulsa™ - Card Front.#36 Lord Zedd™ and Rita Repulsa™ - Card Back.


Lord Zedd
Height: 7′ 0″
Weight: 450 lbs.

Rita Repulsa
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: Don’t even ask!


Who would have thought that after banishing Rita Repulsa for incompetence, Lord Zedd would eventually end up making her his wife? In a marriage that has truly gone bad, Zedd and his new queen intend to accomplish together what neither of them could do alone. Now, the lives of the Power Rangers will be twice as busy, as the King and Queen of Mean wreak two times the havoc on the planet Earth.

Power Rangers Fact #8: Each Power Teen is equipped with a Power Morpher. By placing their Power Coins in the Power Morphers and calling the names of their spirit animals, they can morph into Power Rangers.