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Power Rangers Series 1

#38 - Baboo™ and Squatt™

#38 Baboo™ and Squatt™ - Card Front.#38 Baboo™ and Squatt™ - Card Back.


Height: 0.5 rods
Weight: 18 stones

Squatt (right)
Height: 4′ 8″
Weight: 206 lbs.


Baboo and Squatt, two of Rita Repulsa’s bumbling henchmen, were created by one of her Nastiness’ powerful spells. Baboo was made from a vampire bat and Squatt was conjured up from a Goblin. Together, they are all thumbs and no brains, as they bungle one job after another. But since Lord Zedd has returned, they may not have their jobs for long, as the Supreme Evil One does not look kindly on failure.

Power Rangers Fact #10: When the Power Rangers combine all of their Power Weapons, they create the awesome Power Blaster capable of destroying Zedd’s Monsters with one single shot.